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Steeped Tea

After sharing so many of their wonderful teas, I am very happy to now be able to offer the entire Steeped Teas collection to you. Organic, Black, White, Green, Rooibos, Fruit, and Herbal Teas, Powdered Matcha, Latte Blends, Tea Accessories, Bake Shop goodies…and more.

Discover the art of infusing leaves, flowers and spices, appropriate water temperatures, and steeping times for the most delicious cup of tea. Sample different blends, enjoy tea enhanced food recipes, relax, be inspired, and indulge yourself. Start with reserving time for a loose leaf tasting with me.

- Dawnella Sutton,  Independent Steeped Tea Consultant -

Visit  to look through the online catalog, easily place your personal order, and learn more about hosting a tea party or arranging a Steeped Tea fund raiser. Please join my personal Steeped Tea facebook group 


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