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Mothers Moon Belly Casting


A pregnancy belly cast is a great way to remember this very intimate time you are sharing with your growing baby. This can be done in private session or as part of a blessingway ceremony, or you may purchase a kit through me to do it yourself. ( I also do whole birthing classes full of bellies!)


You may decorate yours in a number of ways (including requesting me to place my own art-work upon it), or you may choose to leave yours plain.


Some mamas have chosen to do many casts, showing the different stages of their pregnancy...some mamas do just one.


Some of the most interesting belly castings I've ever done was for a group of thirteen women, ages ranging from 50-something to 70-something having a celebration and wanting to do torso castings of their "beautifully aged female bodies"!  So wonderful! 


Contact me for more information on having me cast your belly, or the different kit options I have available for you to purchase. 


Mini Belly-casts

Hand molded & painted, strung with a satin ribbon loop for hanging, each one is a mini (just over two inch tall) work of art with differing designs.   Also available undecorated, or unstrung.  A perfect gift for a new mom, grandmother, a mama-to-be, doula, or midwife. 

 $6 each  (customization available at an extra fee) 

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