Freedom, Maine


Children's imagination and creative spirit are stirred and nurtured by playthings that offer opportunities for creative open-ended play.  Playsilks are versatile, with infinite possibilities
Toddlers and pre-schoolers love to pretend.  Playsilks can be part of a costume or disguise, helping your little ones become: a princess, prince, pirate, king or queen...a fairy or elf, bird, bat, bee, or butterfly, even the blowing wind or rain. They can also be used to create children's spaces, like forts, or quiet spots for reading or thinking. 

They are also wonderful backgrounds for nature play...  a blue playsilk makes an excellent ocean or sky, and forest silks in shades of brown and green make hills and meadows.  Perfect for your seasonal nature tables!

 Most of Mothers Moon play-silks are dyed with all natural dyes... however, certain custom colors I have found obtainable only with procion mx dyes. Both methods provide a variety of colors & hues. Unique and original, please allow for slight variations in the dye.

35" x 35"
$14 each

  Current colors include:
 red * orange  * green * yellow * blue * pink * light blue * peach * lavender * purple


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