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 Mothers Moon Blessingways

A blessingway ceremony, in any form, is a celebration of a rite of passage of some sort. First menarche, pregnancy, or "croning" for women, baby welcomings and namings, first steps, or weaning from the breast for young children male or female, are only a few examples.

The currently most celebrated  Blessingway is the ceremony given for a pregnant woman, which is inspired from ancient customs and traditions that fully embrace the spirituality of motherhood and the collective power of a community of women's support.
(this is considered a "sacred circle" and is attended only by women...and sometimes babes in arms)  
Through this ceremony we honor the mother with an ancient tradition that surrounds her & her child with blessings of love. This is a celebration that gathers women in a sacred circle, reflecting the transition into motherhood as the most beautiful rite of passage. This magical ceremony will relax the mind, lift the spirits & fill the mother's soul with joy. Each ceremony is as unique & special as the people involved…. someone may weave flowers into the mother's hair or place a floral wreath on her head; another may be beading a necklace with beads everyone has brought. Symbolic bathing may take place. Belly casting, henna painting, a special tea ceremony, candlelight, a beautiful poetry reading…. the wonderful possibilities are endless. With a gentle rhythm, everyone shares their wishes and gives loving words of encouragement for her, and everyone will come away with feelings of gratitude and happiness for being involved in this intimate celebration. 

  Baby Welcomings are just as beautiful & very special. Some cerimonies start with a lullaby parade, others have the parents and child seated in the middle of a circle of friends. Sometimes a candle is lit, or a soft bell gently rung and the celebration of the new life goes on from there, filled with wishes and hopes, and love for the child.

The  Celebration of First Menarche is a wonderful ceremony to share with a girl blossming into womanhood, and a Croning Circle for women who have ceased menustration is another moving rite of passage celebration to engage in.




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