Freedom, Maine


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What do you do when much of your loves in life keep converging at one obvious point? You make it a focus, and create a plan!  With the herbs that I use for Mothers Moon, the study of the seasons at Sandy Pond School Co-operative,  the fruits and veggies in my garden and at local farms that are a part of Storyteller Moon Kids' Gardening and Kids' Kitchen Programs  (not to mention Book Tastings and a few of the Storybook Activities)  plus those healthy snacks served at Moon Child and during  some of the  Storyteller Moon workshops and ORBS.... plus the wooden bread boards, spoons, and rolling pins I offer through my etsy shops...  and with a lot of help from family, friends, and community... came The Sugar Tree!


Find it at local community events, sometimes with and sometimes without storytelling; sometimes with and sometimes without Mothers Moon or Storyteller Moon products for sale; sometimes with and sometimes without childrens books for sale; but always with fresh healthy foods... and SugarTreeTeas !


Also available: Fund raising with The Sugar Tree Cafe


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