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Book-ish Programs


Linking literacy with the arts, these programs incorporate the use of books, and strive to make reading an active and creative experience, especially for young readers. You may also wish to visit the classes page on the Sugar Tree webs with special interest in the "Story Tastings".


ORBS (Organized Readers' Book Socials) meet once every two weeks. Picture Book ORBS, for ages three to five with parent, and the Blooming Reader ORBS  for ages six to eight, receive a new book at each meeting.  Young Reader for ages eight to twelve, and Moon Reader for ages twelve to sixteen, receive a new book every month. A minimum of six participants are needed for each social. Books are purchased through me at a 20% discount. Socials involve reading, book discussions, and activities related to the books.


Readers Circle events are like a book club (or social), without having read the book first! Designed for Picture Book, Blooming, and Young Readers, I read aloud and the participants follow along, or take turns reading, then we discuss the book, and do activities related to the books. Just like the ORBS, books are also purchased through me at a 20% discount.


If you'd simply like the books to read at home, consider an ORB by mail. These are pre-paid subscriptions for the same age groups, with the addition of  Baby Book, for ages birth throgh age three. An age appropriate title specially chosen by me, is sent to your child every month. Wouldn't that be a great surprise?  Prices include shipping.  Family discount! Two or more book club books sent to the same address 5% off


Baby Book  $14

Picture Book  $16

Blooming Readers  $16

Young Readers  $18

Moon Readers  $20

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