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Welcome to a place where there's always time for make believe; where whimsical can be wise and learning can be fun; where stories have the power to inspire children to explore, create, and connect to the many incredible wonders of the world around them.  Welcome to Barefoot Books.

With Barefoot Books we are a traveling children's bookstore*, visting schools & libraries, community events, and conferences; as well as creating private in-home events, and providing fund raisers.

Need a bright and festive kids book shop at your next event?  Barefoot is a great addition to community events, farmers markets .... you name it!  Bright, colorful, welcoming and engaging.
*Barefoot at work: Is there any better benefit a company can offer their employees than life solutions?  Invite Barefoot to your corporate office!  Request a book look, party or event.  Take it one step futher and make it a fundraiser for your coompany's favorite cause!
*Book Club, Mom's Group, Educator Events: People love books, but what they really love are good  books!  Introducing your club, circle or organization to Barefoot Books is always a hit!  The mission:  Share Stories, Connect Families, Inspire Children. There simply is something so fun, light and enjoyable about stepping inside a story! Life can be a fairytale when you invite Barefoot along.

  A wide selection of titles are also always available  on-line

The  Barefoot on the Moon Story:
Since 1996 folks have known Dawnella through her doula practice 'Mothers Moon'. And Mothers Moon grew to include natural pregnancy, mama, & baby products. When a beautifully illustrated copy of "Ballet Stories" was first placed in her hands in 1999, she fell in love with Barefoot Books. They became a wonderful part of our storytelling... something else she was becoming more well known for at the time...and we then began offering Barefoot Books for sale as well. When Jakob was two years old, Barefoot Books published 'I Took the Moon for a Walk'...and it became a favorite! Featuring it at the Mothers Moon sales booth that summer, we created activites and companion items for it and called the booth 'Barefoot On The Moon'. Makes a bit of sense! Hadn't given it much thought until an older version of the boy heard the phrase again on a Doctor Who episode... and in our craziness of running 'Mothers Moon', and our arts & theater branch 'Storyteller Moon', we thought why not give Barefoot Books it's own spotlight again and reactivate 'Barefoot On The Moon'. And so here we are. 
Also know that as
an independent bookseller, we offer texts related to my programs to teachers and libraries at a discount, as well as fund-raising opportunities for parent/teacher commitees, libraries, student based groups, non-profits, and more.  Please contact us for further information on fundraising if you are interested.

The Barefoot Books Mission:  At Barefoot Books, we celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life, inspiring them to read deeper, search further, and explore their own creative gifts. Taking our inspiration from many different cultures, we focus on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning, and sharing of the world’s diversity. Interactive, playful and beautiful, our products combine the best of the present with the best of the past to educate our children as the caretakers of tomorrow. Literacy is an integral part of Barefoot Books' mission. We have partnered with Reading Is Fundamental, Reach Out and Read, and First Book and are diligently striving to become more involved with other national and local literacy organizations. 


A message from the founders: We’re convinced that art and story play a vital part in children’s lives. We hope you are, too! Our aim is to prepare the children of today to be the caretakers of tomorrow. We believe that high-quality art and story can play a vital role in fostering youngsters’ creativity and capacity for independence, encouraging them to express themselves with confidence and to see and explore the world around them from different points of view. These, it seems to us, are essential skills in our beautiful yet fragile world. Every country needs creative people – in business, in the arts, in medicine and science, and in government. But creativity doesn’t happen all by itself: the seeds are in all of us, but the way we raise our children, and the emphasis we place on their imaginative development, is what helps those seeds to grow. We often incorporate cross-cultural themes into our books, and we set out to create content that offers high educational value and is lots of fun at the same time. We focus on engaging each child’s imagination, and on presenting themes that can open into group or parent-child discussions, performance, art sessions, dance routines and a lot more.  So we offer books, CDs and gifts that are thoughtfully written, beautifully designed and illustrated, and have high educational value. They are lots of fun and they are designed to last, but above all, they are meant to be shared and enjoyed. We hope you enjoy your Barefoot journey! 
    Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland 

Freedom Pond Moonworks

illustration by Alison Jay, from  I Took the Moon for a Walk

   Go Barefoot:

Host an Event
- invite your friends for a fun morning, afternoon or evening get together. 

Have a "Book Look"
- We'll drop off a basket of books and catalogs so you can order at your leisure or during your playdates, or at your office. 

Have a fundraiser for your school, playground, or cause
- Fill your school library with beautiful books, or simply raise funds. 

Become a Barefoot Books Ambassador - You can work as little or as much as you like, you'll earn money, free books, and the hearts of children and parents everywhere.


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